Mission and Core Values

Our Mission 

  • To serve organizations, academic institutions, workforce agencies and professional and trade associations seeking to evaluate workforce competencies and deliver credentials recognizing their skills and accomplishments. 
  • To serve certifying bodies seeking to present credentialed professionals in service to their customer communities and fulfill their brand expectations with quality and reliability. 
  • To accomplish this mission through a state-of-the-art technology platform, services solution, and professional employees dedicated to security, reliability, validity, and quality.

Core Values

Accountability: Working towards finding solutions rather than making excuses and blaming others. Taking personal responsibility to pick up loose ends and getting things done.

Fairness: Not discriminating between people in career advancement opportunities or compensation. Rewarding individual and team performances.

Accomplishment: Setting purposeful objectives and taking pride in delivering them successfully.

Integrity: Being honest, building trust and confidence in all our relationships. Maintaining confidentiality, keeping promises, and commitments.

Respect: Respecting capabilities and limitations of others. Accepting differences of opinion and valuing people’s time.

Teamwork: Acknowledging and encouraging interdependence and never intentionally / knowingly letting a colleague down. Establishing and surpassing common objectives and supporting team-mates.

Excellence: Thinking deeply, decisively and executing passionately, effectively and efficiently.  Attracting, developing and promoting exceptional individuals.
Shared Values

  • We share a sense of direction and purpose.
  • Customers define the approach to business.
  • Managers are there to help.
  • We empower our employees.
  • People build sound relationships and high achieving teams.
  • Everyone has opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Work is satisfying, rewarding, and fun for everyone.