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Skilled Matrix is your source for a current and diverse offering of assessments, skills tests, and certification exams.  
Explore the offerings from global test providers and academic institutions and add their credentials to your resume. 

Technology and IT skills 

Learn and verify in-demand technology concepts and skills, from beginner to master levels, in hardware, software, and Internet technologies across dozens of industries.

Business and soft skills

Hone the workplace skills necessary to succeed in your job today and support your aspirations for career advancement. Certify your skills in communication, leadership, teamwork, customer service, and a host of other in-demand skills.

Vocational skills 

Demonstrate mastery in your trade and gain competitive advantage in industries such as healthcare, construction, automotive repair, electrical contracting, along with a wide variety of other highly-skilled vocations.


Take assessments to find out what knowledge and skills you already have and which ones you need to improve. You'll find assessments for a wide variety of business skills, soft skills, job skills, and English language skills.

Language Certifications 

In this global marketplace, workers with the ability to speak more than one language are in high demand. Validate and verify your non-native proficiency in English and other languages. 

Practice Tests 

Many certification providers offer practice tests to help you prepare for your official test. You'll get acquainted with the question types and test your knowledge without fear of what your score may be. Then, you'll be better prepared when it's time to sit for the real thing.