Test Authoring

Easily author tests and validate skills attainment
Create and maintain your tests with flexible workflow management tools and powerful question authoring tools wrapped into an easy-to-use interface. All governed by robust security features to preserve and protect test integrity. 

Create tests that engage the test taker while reliably assessing the skills and concepts you seek to validate:

  •   Create an unlimited number of questions
  •   Choose from a variety of popular question types 
  •   Add images, links, response feedback, and more
  •   Embed audio or video in the question stem or response sets
  •   Share questions with other authors or subject matter experts for review or editing

Once your tests are ready, publish them in the hosting platform and deliver your tests immediately.


Key Authoring Features

Test question flexibility

More than 17 question types, plus ability to create custom question types 

Easy to learn and use

Easy drag-and-drop authoring, publishing, and question management; no extensive training required

Multi-language authoring to maximize question comprehension

Create tests in any language so test takers can read the questions in their native language. Right-to-left and left-to-right language support.

Quick test conversion

Easily import existing test questions for a seamless transition to the Skilled Matrix platform.

Collaborative authoring

Distribute question authoring to multiple authors in a seamless, secure workflow

Notifications for test maintenance

Set alerts to stay on top of test question updates, rotations, retirements, rotations, and other maintenance criteria you set

Question banking and tagging

Flexible and comprehensive question tags easily connect every question  to competency, skill, objective, content area, Bloom's Taxonomy, and other user-defined tags.

Multiple smart-search options

Quickly search for questions you want to edit by user-defined tags, questions banks, and keywords.

Flexible test control and construction features

Control question repetition frequency.

Weight mode:

Attach relative weights to each question. Affects the total number of questions accumulated to deliver the designed test score or 100%.

Blueprint mode:

Each topic percentage is the relative weight that affects how many questions within each topic will appear in the upcoming test as a portion of the total question count.

Forms mode:

Create set forms to maintain precise test parameters across all test sessions.

Question Shuffling / Randomization 

Deliver a unique test for every test taker with easy question selection and shuffling across a question bank.

Governed by powerful repetition controls, offered in Weight and Blueprint modes.

Or, shuffle questions within a test form to present a difference question sequence for every test taker.

Question Groups

Create a group of questions that are aligned with a specific objective/skill under one main. Question groups shuffle as a whole unit.

Flexible scoring options

Choose save and score-as you go or show results at the end of the test

Deliver raw score or scaled score results

Display score at the test level or by skill and select the associated report. 

Maximize question comprehension and minimize test bias.

Built-in quality control that measures grammar accuracy and context sensitivity to eliminate cultural bias.

Precision reports

Monitor test question and design quality, validity, and reliability with detailed test performance reports and analytics.

Comprehensive English and Arabic interface

The testing engine web site, desktop application, and hosting platform are fully available in English and Arabic. Other languages available.