Testing and Advisory Services

Accelerate Your Program with Expert Advisors 
Rely on the Skilled Matrix Advisory Team - certified adult learning experts, psychometricians, and technicians - for rapid program deployment, test design, test development and customization services. We'll work with you to:

  • Outline your strategy and plan your program
  • Migrate legacy content to the new platform and automate paper-based instruments
  • Design and produce new test content
  • Set up a testing environment and facilitate training
  • Integrate with your existing infrastructure

Expert services and progressive technologies combine to deliver valid, reliable, secure, and defensible testing and certification programs. Cost effectively.
Follow Our Proven 6-Step Process for New Test Development - A High-Level View

Key Project Tasks During Test Development
The test development process has several key parts within each step. Below are some key project tasks we'll work with you on to generate a defensible, valid, and reliable test program.

Job Analysis

  • Assess job roles, responsibilities, requirements
  • Define key skills, knowledge and competencies required for effective performance in the job

Test Question Content

  • Objective:  Construct tests that maximize exam reliability and validity and lead to defensible certification credentials
  • Blend questions that cover Bloom’s taxonomy of knowledge and skill mastery
  • Ensure fairness by creating multiple exams of equal difficulty within a given certification
  • Validate cultural, social, and economic details so every question is free from bias
  • Carefully craft response types and sequencing to minimize the ability to “game” the test

Test Administration

  • Create and produce test administration manuals for test proctors, trainers, and teachers
  • Create user manuals and test preparation materials
  • Publish through out hosting platform to deliver and manage your testing program.

The result: Valid, reliable, secure and defensible certification programs.
Contact us today. We'll walk through the process with you, craft the project plan, and get you on your way.