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Creative Decision Making

Decision making appears at the top of many lists about workplace skills and competencies that employers value. It makes sense. We make decisions and solve problems several times every day. Making smart decisions could be the difference between business profitability or disaster. Resolving problems with the best solution could be the difference between saving loyal customers or not.

The key to smart decision-making rests with our ability to clearly define the problem, identify innovative options, research them, and then craft a workable solution. Having a process to work through these steps can take the anxiety out of problem-solving and make decisions easier. This course explores a wide range of techniques to help you puzzle through situations, learn how to solve both simple and complex problems, discover your creativity, and apply these techniques to smart decision making.

The Creative Decision Making test covers knowledge and skills attainment of the following course objectives

Use creative thinking methods and contribute to problem-solving teams
Categorize your own critical thinking style, including areas of strength and opportunities for improvement
Decide the best approach to use in a problem-solving situation
Analyze information to identify the problem
Create and analyze strong arguments by using the critical thinking process
Increase important critical thinking skills, including active listening and questioning
Use analytical thought systems and creative thinking techniques
Use individual and group techniques to produce creative ideas and make decisions
Give powerful arguments using the critical thinking skills you learned
Create an action plan for to implement and follow-up on decisions

Test Details

  • Status: Available

  • Languages: English

  • Length: 30 Questions, 75 minutes

  • Pass Score: 75%

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All tests undergo continuing psychometric and market analysis. The parameters are subject to change.