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Diversity in the Workplace

Today, we enjoy – or are challenged by – a workplace with multiple cultures and generations working together. Building a diverse team means including people of all genders, countries of origin, race, ethnicity, education level, disability, age, weight, gender identity or other distinguishing traits. The consequences of disregarding diversity can be costly for organizations as well as the people who work in them.

In this course, you will become more self-aware of your attitudes toward diversity, explore and address the common workplace situations that can create conflict. You’ll learn strategies to develop positive attitudes toward diversity, foster a more tolerant work environment, and build a cohesive, multicultural and multi-generational team.

The Diversity in the Workplace test covers knowledge and skills attainment of the following course objectives

Understand the concept of diversity
Develop positive cross-cultural attitudes
Communicate effectively with others from many cultures and social backgrounds
Effectively manage employees from a variety of cultures and generations
Help teams address cross-cultural barriers and diverse lifestyles
Foster a tolerant work environment
Develop a multicultural, multi-generational, and diverse workplace

Test Details

  • Status: Available

  • Languages: English

  • Length: 30 Questions, 75 minutes

  • Pass Score: 75%

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