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Looking for a comprehensive cloud-based test hosting solution to enhance and expand your offerings? 
Perhaps start a new venture? Or, host a profitable testing center?
You’ll want a solution that can stand up to the rigors of your testing and certification strategy. And, you’ll want it delivered securely and reliably.

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Powerful turn-key platform to publish, host and manage testing programs:

Test authoring and publishing

streamlined operational workflow

User-defined roles and access rights

Secure, proctored test administration

Test taker registration, delivery, results, and verification

Management analytics and reporting on demand, in real-time

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Partner Programs

Authorized Testing Centers
Grow your business profitability in this high-growth market opportunity. Represent high-profile brand names with globally-recognized certification exams and assessments. Launch a new business venture or complement your existing training business.
Certifying Organizations and Test Providers
Publish and deliver your tests to
reach more certification candidates worldwide. Applicable to
any industry, trade, profession, or government institution, profit or not-for-profit.
Corporate and Academic Opportunities
Skilled Matrix testing solutions slip naturally into academic institutions and large corporate training organizations. Validate training programs. Screen job candidates. Offer companion certifications with training and degreed programs.

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