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Sales Professional

Sales representatives provide a critical role because they actively hunt for new customers and build long-term business relationships. Sales careers can be exciting and lucrative for candidates with the right skills. Today’s sales professionals are competent, highly skilled, and trustworthy. They present business competence and a professional appearance. The most successful sales professionals identify customer needs and develop solutions that deliver benefits and value to the customer. They employ this customer-first approach to develop long term, mutually profitable business relationships.
Entry level sales can be a great way to learn business at the street level, develop professional skills, and be a launchpad for a successful business career. Sales professionals usually enjoy significant independence, and over-achievement is highly rewarded. Many of the world’s greatest businesspeople began in sales. If you are self-driven, organized, financially motivated, and have natural people skills, sales may be a great career choice.

The Sales Representative must be passionate about calling on customers, highly organized, and thrive independently.

The SN Sales Professional certification test is weighted as follows:

This certification test covers the competencies and skills necessary to achieve success as a
Sales Professional

Category Weight
The Sales Profession
Customer-Focused Selling
Turning Prospects into Customers
Workplace Essentials

Test Details

  • Status: Available

  • Languages: English, Arabic

  • Length: 60 Questions, 120 minutes

  • Pass Score: 75%

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