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Skilled Now Certification – Skilled Matrix
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What is
Skilled Now?

Skilled Now provides comprehensive career track training and certification programs that prepare job-ready individuals for success in their career of choice, across a variety of disciplines. Developed and governed by the Skilled Now International Career Competency Standards Board, the certification standards begin with job descriptions, then define the competencies, knowledge, and skills necessary to fulfill those job responsibilities. The highly interactive training courses, designed for adult learners, facilitate individual knowledge and skills attainment as defined by the standards. The comprehensive program culminates in accredited certification tests that validate and certify individual achievement.

SN is a solution provider of workplace training, testing, professional services, and state-of-the-art technology platforms. Skilled Now serves business, industry, government and academic institutions worldwide through its global headquarters in Washington DC, USA.

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Benefits of Certification

Professional and trade certifications aren’t new. Traditionally, however, these certifications focus on the technical skills of the job itself-how to program in HTML; how to repair an automobile; how to maintain networks; how to administer tests in a laboratory; how to teach a certification course. These technical certifications don’t automatically translate into the ability to communicate effectively with customers who need these services, for example. Developing one’s soft skills adds balance and interpersonal skills savvy to the technical talents

  • Professional accomplishment increased self-confidence
  • Recognition from the industry, employers, and peers
  • New employment opportunities
  • Promotion and advancement opportunities
  • Lifelong credentials
  • Increased credibility
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased productivity and ROI
  • Stronger teams and leaders
  • Measurable performance standards and results
  • Screening for prospective employees
  • Demonstrated knowledge and expertise to perform job responsibilities day one
  • Offering of career paths, incentives, and rewards for employees

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Skilled Now Career Path Certifications (SN-CPC)
Skilled Now Career Path certification programs are carefully crafted for workers new to the workforce, those who need to brush up on skills for current job responsibilities, or those preparing for a new job role. Each career track includes the most tangible, in-demand skills workers need to perform their jobs with confidence – based upon a job description and industry standard competencies and skills necessary to fulfill job responsibilities.

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Skilled Now Career Skills Certification (SN-CSC)
Skilled Now Career Skills certifications complement the career path programs with specialty topics, concepts, and skills you'll need along the way.