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Talent Development Specialist

Talent acquisition continues to be one of the most challenging issues for organizations, and the pressure to hire the right people has fostered a competitive recruiting environment. The Talent Development Specialist is an integral contributor to the success of talent attraction, interviewing, and selection process. The TD specialist will carry out a variety of tasks and be involved in projects including recruitment process support, candidate screening, and new hire processing. The TD specialist also analyzes recruiting metrics and related data to report on the productivity and achievement of the talent acquisition strategy. The specialist works closely with hiring managers to conduct job analyses, understand the required job competencies and skills, set up the recruiting and selection process, and oversee the project through new hire processing. The role is both strategic and tactical, requiring strong prioritization and task management skills.

The Talent Development Specialist works as an integral team player coordinating the talent attraction and selection process among hiring managers, human resources managers, and recruiting partners.

The SN Talent Development Specialist certification test is weighted as follows:

This certification test covers the competencies and skills necessary to achieve success as a
Talent Development Specialist

Category Weight
The Sales Profession
Customer-Focused Selling
Turning Prospects into Customers
Workplace Essentials

Test Details

  • Status: Available

  • Languages: English, Arabic

  • Length: 60 Questions, 120 minutes

  • Pass Score: 75%

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