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It’s a given. Your certification and testing programs need a comprehensive testing platform that can stand up to the rigors of your certification, testing, and training strategy. You need the assurance that your solution delivers your tests securely and reliably. And, in today’s always connected, global economy, you need the power and reach of a secure, cloud-based platform to accomplish your goals.¬†

That solution is at your fingertips. Filled with the latest advances in testing technology.



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Expand and enhance your offerings with the our unique cloud-based test authoring, publishing, hosting, and delivery solution. Designed with you in mind.

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Test Owner

Emilia Clarke

Publish and deliver your tests to reach more certification candidates worldwide. Applicable to any industry, trade, profession, or government institution, profit or not-for-profit.
Emilia Clarke
Corporate and Academic Institutions

Skilled Matrix testing solutions slip naturally into academic institutions and large corporate training organizations. Validate training programs. Screen job candidates. Offer companion certifications with training and degreed programs.
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