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Flexible Power That's Easy to Use

Do you have an in-house team of experts – test designers, developers, psychometricians, and SMEs? Our unique, robust test development system has the flexibility, power, built-in quality assurance tools, and ease-of-use to bring your testing programs to fruition. 


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Share Resources, a Perfect Match  

If you’re on a tight deadline or your resources are limited, combine your internal resources with our expert advisors for the perfect team. Perhaps you have the subject matter experts, but no test designers. Perhaps you have the test developers but no tools to develop and launch your test program.  

You’re never alone with Skilled Matrix. We work with you to. Together we identify the scope of work, figure out the best approach, and get to work.

 If you’re not sure how to create your program end-to-end or don’t have the in-house expertise to get it done, consider our full test development outsourcing program.

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Accelerate Your Program
with Expert Advisors

Rely on Skilled Matrix Advisory Team – certified adult learning experts, psychometrics and technician with you to:

Outline your strategy and plan your program

Integrate with your existing infrastructure

Design and produce new test content

Set up a testing environment and facilitate training

Migrate legacy content to the new ans - for rapid program deployment, test design, test development and customization services. We'll w platform and automate paper-based instruments

Expert services and progressive technologies combine to deliver valid, reliable, secure, and defensible testing and certification programs. Cost effectively.  Learn more about our comprehensive and proven 6-Step Process  to new test development.

Contact us  to discuss your needs and requirements.