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Rely on Skilled Matrix Advisory Services to
help you. 

We’re ready to assist you for a quick, seamless implementation. Whether you need advice on security roles, access rights, or workflows, our advisors have plenty of experience to share. You may want help with the API for on-premise integration. Skilled Matrix expert advisors can help every step of the way. Just ask!

Wherever you decide to host your tests, you can deliver them to your test takers online, in proctored or un-proctored environments. Learn more about test delivery

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Skilled Matrix Hosts Your Tests In-the-cloud or On-premise

Test Hosting In-the-Cloud

Connecting with our cloud solution is simple, secure, and turn-key. With our scalable, available servers, you never need to worry about speed or performance. No extra hardware, upgrade or maintenance worries. We take care of it all. 

You own your tests and test data, so no worries there, either. Your question bank, test taker data, and test results are secured and viewable only by administrators you authorize. It’s available 24/7, and it’s all protected with our comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan.

With our auto-sensing and auto-sizing delivery, you can publish a test one time and deliver it to multiple devices automatically. Yes, to the desktop, browser, or mobile device.

Test Hosting On-Premise

If you want to locate and manage your test database and process in your own data center, choose our on-premise test hosting option. System availability and access capability rests with your local environment, architecture, system configuration, and data center policies. 

Integrate easily with your enterprise portals and systems, such as learning management and content management systems, with our open API.

Explore our full list of robust test hosting features

Contact us to discuss your testing hosting and delivery requirements.