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A Wide Variety of
Testing Solutions

The state-of-the-art authoring system offers a drag-and-drop publishing and content management interface with robust authoring, reporting, and data analytics functionality. The powerful built-in tools and customizable reporting ensure that test providers can create, publish, maintain, and securely deliver valid and reliable tests.


Create tests that engage the test taker while reliably assessing the skills and concepts you seek to validate


Tests can either be published privately to a select group or open them up to everyone with a single link and registration page

Analyze & Manage

Staying on top of the psychometric performance of each question is a critical part of testing validity, reliability, and credibility

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Validate Skills And Competencies

According to LinkedIn research, more than 76% of job seekers wish there were a tool for hiring managers to verify their skills so they can stand out among other candidates.

With Skilled Matrix, job seekers can verify and certify the skills they need to capture high-demand, lucrative jobs. And, employers can validate the claims.

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Easily author tests and validate skills attainment

Create and maintain your tests with flexible workflow management tools and powerful question authoring tools wrapped into an easy-to-use interface. All governed by robust security features to preserve and protect test integrity. 


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Unique and Varied Question Types

With more than 18 unique and varied question types, you can write questions that test memory, interpretation, and concept application skills. Use words, images, and sounds. Plus, create your own question types with easy-to-use tools.

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Comprehensive Question Banks and Tags

Flexible and comprehensive question tags easily connect every question to a competency, skill, objective, general topic, and Bloom’s Taxonomy.

  • Easy authoring, publishing, and question management with no extensive training required
  • Question banking and tagging with user-defined criteria
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Defined Roles, Permissions, And Workflow

Role-based security allows multiples levels of access and permissions, all customizable to make the platform mirror your organization.

  • Automated workflow management for collaborative authoring/publishing and test center administrators
  • Easy to add users and groups
  • Easy to create workflow rules with unlimited customization


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Secure Test Publishing & Hosting, In-the-Cloud or On-Premise

In-the-Cloud : Connecting with our cloud solution is simple, secure, and turn-key. With our scalable, available servers, you never need to worry about speed or performance. No extra hardware, upgrade or maintenance worries. We take care of it all. 

On-Premise:  If you want to locate and manage your test database and process in your own data center, choose our on-premise test hosting option. System availability and access capability rests with your local environment, architecture, system configuration, and data center policies. 

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Flexible Test Control And Construction

Weight mode: Attach relative weights to each question. Affects the total number of questions accumulated to deliver the designed test score or 100%.

Blueprint mode: Each topic percentage is the relative weight that affects how many questions within each topic will appear in the upcoming test as a portion of the total question count.

Control question repetition frequency in both weight and blueprint modes.

Forms mode: Create set forms to maintain precise test parameters across all test sessions.

// Simple. Secure. Turn-key. 

Online, Anywhere Test Delivery

Increase test credibility and maintain your testing protocol with proctored testing, fully supported with on-site proctoring and our the Skilled Matrix Online Proctor Service.

Un-proctored testing, too. All the from one platform.


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Proctored Testing

Increase test credibility and maintain your testing protocol with proctored testing, fully supported with on-site proctoring and our the Skilled Matrix Online Proctor Service. 

 Un-proctored testing, too. All the from one platform.

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Scoring, Reports and Data Analytics

  • Flexible scoring options by test or by skill/objective
  • Test results and verification in real time
  • Powerful, flexible reporting to analyze results on demand
  • Real time dashboard for test taker and test center activity
  • More than 25 standard reports
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Digital Certificates and Badges

Deliver verifiable digital certificates and badges with each credential. Simply add your logo to our pre-designed templates or design your own using the robust font, color, image, and layout tools to match certificates with your brand.


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