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One Platform. All Test Types

No matter what test type you have, you can create, publish, and host them all in one platform. Powerful test construction and test control tools provide the structure and consistency you need to support no-stakes, low-stakes, medium-stakes, or high-stakes testing.

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Test Control and
Construction Features

Create, publish, host, or deliver certification exams, skills assessments, practice tests, surveys, and live-in application software tests all in one platform

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Weight mode:  Attach relative weights to each question. Affects the total number of questions accumulated to deliver the designed test score or 100%. 

Blueprint mode: Each topic percentage is the relative weight that affects how many questions within each topic will appear in the upcoming test as a portion of the total question count.

Forms mode: Create set forms to maintain precise test parameters across all test sessions. 

Control question repetition frequency in both the weight and blueprint modes.

Static forms: Deliver each question to the test taker in the order the questions are written and entered in the platform. 

Question shuffling: Deliver a unique test for every test taker with easy question selection and shuffling across a question bank. 

Question randomization: Select questions from the entire question bank and present a completely different test for each test taker.

Or, select and shuffle questions within a test form to present a difference question sequence for every test taker. Question groups remain together.

Shuffling and randomization are governed by powerful repetition controls, offered in Weight and Blueprint modes.

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