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Monitor. Verify.
Validate. Improve.

The robust management reports and analytics assure that you can manage the workflow processes, roles and responsibilities, test center business metrics , and test performance routinely.  You start with more than 25 standard reports. We can also customize reports for you.

In the end, you can maintain the reliability of your tests, the integrity of your test processes, and maximize your test center business.

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Key Scoring, Reporting, and Analytics Features

Flexible scoring options

Show test score results only at the end of the test for exams or assessments 

Deliver raw score or weighted score results.

In practice tests, you have to option to score-as you go. Test takers know if the answer chosen is correct or incorrect before they proceed. In practice tests set to training mode you have the option to show the correct answer. 

On-demand viewing of test results 

View results by individual, group, or other user-defined criteria. On-demand, in real-time.


Keep continuous watch over test center activity and test performance in real time. You decide what you want to see on the Dashboard. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Robust standard reports:

Test Management Reports  - Primarily for test authors and test publishers to analyze test and question validity, reliability, appropriateness and guide proper actions – retire, revise, maintain, or other pertinent actions.  Learn More

Test Center Management Reports  - Support the variety of responsibilities for authorized testing centers and publishers to manage test taker activity, proctor activity, and test center operations. Learn More

Detailed item analysis 

Run test item reports by a variety of criteria to identify precisely which items need your attention to maintain valid and reliable tests. Report by skills summary all test takers, skills summary by test taker, and overall test results detail. Learn More

Easily export data 

Export question bank and test results data. Incorporate your exported data into other tools for further analysis or include in presentations and reports.

Easily import data
Powerful historical data securely stored in an off-site server

Maintain historical records for life with the no-purge capability.

Custom reports

Measure precisely what matters to your training and certification objectives or test center business. We'll work with you to build custom reports that give you pinpoint data in real time.

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