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Flexible, Secure Test Publishing and Hosting

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Connecting with our cloud solution is simple, secure, and turn-key. With our scalable, available servers, you never need to worry about speed or performance. No extra hardware, upgrade or maintenance worries. We take care of it all. 

You own your tests and test data, so no worries there, either. Your question bank, test taker data, and test results are secured and viewable only by administrators you authorize. It’s available 24/7, and it’s all protected with our comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan.

With our auto-sensing and auto-sizing delivery, you can publish a test one time and deliver it to multiple devices automatically. Yes, to the desktop, browser, or mobile device.

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If you want to locate and manage your test database and process in your own data center, choose our on-premise test hosting option. System availability and access capability rests with your local environment, architecture, system configuration, and data center policies. 

Integrate seamlessly with your enterprise portals and systems , such as learning management and content management systems, with our open API.

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Test Hosting Features

Eliminate duplicate effort for simultaneous test takers

Auto-sensing and auto-sizing delivery let you publish a test one time and deliver to multiple devices automatically. 

Flexible, secure delivery options for both official certification tests and practice tests

Host official certification tests and practice tests in one place without concern. 

Notifications for test maintenance 

Set alerts to stay on top of test question updates, rotations, retirements, and other maintenance criteria you set.

Publish and host your tests in one place

Easily import your existing tests and publish them in the hosting platform, ready for immediate delivery.

Open API

Integrate easily with enterprise portals and systems such as learning management and content management systems.

Scalable server

The cloud platform scales to meet growing and fluctuating demands. In-the-cloud only. On-premise scalability subject to client environment.

Comprehensive English and Arabic interface

The testing desktop application and hosting platform are fully available in English and Arabic. 

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Test Publishing Features

Flexible test control and construction features

Weight mode: Attach relative weights to each question. Affects the total number of questions accumulated to deliver the designed test score or 100%. 

Blueprint mode: Each topic percentage is the relative weight that affects how many questions within each topic will appear in the upcoming test as a portion of the total question count.

Forms mode: Create set forms to maintain precise test parameters across all test sessions. 

Control question repetition frequency in both the weight and blueprint modes.

Flexible question sequencing for test delivery

Static forms: Deliver each question to the test taker in the order the questions are written and entered in the platform. 

Question shuffling: Deliver a unique test for every test taker with easy question selection and shuffling across a question bank. 

Question randomization: Select questions from the entire question bank and present a completely different test for each test taker.

Or, select and shuffle questions within a test form to present a difference question sequence for every test taker. Question groups remain together.

Shuffling and randomization are governed by powerful repetition controls, offered in Weight and Blueprint modes.

Precision reports for test quality assurance

Monitor test question and design quality, validity, and reliability with detailed test performance reports and analytics.

Match the platform to your defined roles, permissions, and workflow

Access roles and permissions are completely customizable to make the hosting platform mirror your organization.

Provide branded and unique testing certificates to successful test candidates

Create custom certificates using the robust font, color, image, and layout tools to match certificates with your brand. 

Easily import test questions

Import your existing question bank into the test publisher for quick conversion. Review the wide variety of question types in the authoring system.

Comprehensive English and Arabic interface

The testing desktop application and hosting platform are fully available in English and Arabic. 

Contact us  to discuss your test hosting requirements.

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Seamless Integration

Seamless interoperability and API integration with your enterprise systems means quicker implementation and lower costs. Customize the interface to mirror your current enterprise. The intuitive user interface helps everyone get up and running quickly and efficiently.