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The Building Blocks of Marketing Communications

Marketing communications is an essential component of your company’s strategy, branding and messaging. These communications are complex two-way streets that, done well, can increase your customer base and increase profits. This course presents strategies for managers and entrepreneurs who are responsible for the marketing function at their companies – or considering starting a new business and looking for guidance on creating powerful marketing communications materials and a plan to deliver that content.

The course begins with a strategic discussion, developing a marketing plan, and outlining the range of communications media you will incorporate into your plan. We’ll cover each media component, from traditional print communications through digital communications and social media marketing. You’ll learn strategies and tactics for conducting effective email marketing campaigns and learn how to leverage social media to support those campaigns. In addition, we’ll examine how to develop a social media marketing plan, establish a social media marketing team, and develop success metrics across all digital communication channels.

The Building Blocks of Marketing Communications test covers knowledge and skills attainment of the following course objectives

Define marketing communications and its various elements
Develop, maintain, and evolve effective marketing content
Use email marketing to effectively reach your business’s target audience
Implement your strategy and increase the ROI of your e-mail campaigns
Track and analyze campaign results
Understand where social media fit in the overall marketing strategy for your brand
Create and launch a social media plan
Select the right team and allocate appropriate resources to support the goals
Monitor and address negative messages
Incorporate blogs in your social media plan
Understand various social media platforms and identify the platforms that suit your brand

Test Details

  • Status: Available

  • Languages: English

  • Length: 30 Questions, 75 minutes

  • Pass Score: 75%

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All tests undergo continuing psychometric and market analysis. The parameters are subject to change.

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