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Several research studies draw the same conclusion about the crucial role that soft skills competencies play in long-term workplace success. In fact, research conducted in 2005 with Fortune 500 CEOs by the Stanford Research Institute International and the Carnegie Melon Foundation, found that 75 percent of long-term job success depends on people [soft] skills, while only 25 percent on technical knowledge.
This certification test evaluates today’s graduates and workers competency in the soft skills that employers seek most. These soft skills include effective communication, friendly and inclusive relationships, team work, conflict management, problem solving and decision making, adaptability and change management, ethical and accountable behavior, and workplace productivity.

The SN Workplace Professional certification test is weighted as follows:

This certification test covers the competencies and skills necessary to achieve success as a
Workplace Professional

Category Weight
Communication Dynamics
Team Work
Embrace Diversity
Manage Conflict
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Manage Change
Professional Ethics
Productivity and Effectiveness

Test Details

  • Status: Available

  • Languages: English, Arabic

  • Length: 60 Questions, 120 minutes

  • Pass Score: 75%

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The Next Step to Earning the Title: Workplace Professional

All tests undergo continuing psychometric and market analysis. The parameters are subject to change.

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Retake Policies

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  • A two-day waiting period will be imposed for each subsequent test retake.
  • There is no annual limit on the number of attempts on the same test.
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